Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Woman GOD Intended

The Woman GOD Intended
It is vitally important for the woman in her position to operate to the fullest, it is important to understand the husband’s instructions for such instructions come from God as the husband is in line with the kingdom of God. The woman in her early rise is for the sake of instructions for the days family business, everything about the woman in her position is to transcend the family as to God the Father, in the name of Christ Jesus under the instructions of the Holy Spirit which is the instructions to the husbands which is instructions to the suitable helper, woman and wife to maintain the family.
The greatest downfall of the family is division; division is to set apart; to separate, this is what we witness in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve
The Helpmeet, The Woman, The Wife
This division was so catastrophic to the human race, not God’s purpose and plan but to man, leaving Adam and Eve under a great punishment that still stands today Gen. 3:1-23; (this is not a part of the curse) which redirected God original intention for the foundation of the family, altering temporarily, how the family should function.
This fall occurred by way of the two standing together as one to eat of the fruit that made them like the trinity, as God said knowing good and evil. This fall came by way of the suitable helper not the woman or the wife, “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down” (Prov. 14:1). Some of the world finest couples are divorced more than once and their families have been sacrificed for their job. This is hard enough for a man, but the woman commands the authority over her husband and submits to the authority she serves at work. Some men would say that they have no problem in this area, but the rise in broken homes says much different. God intended the home to be the center of a women’s world. This has been greatly attacked even in the days of the New Testament. In Titus 5:14 younger women were encouraged to marry, bear children, and guide the home so that they would not be attacked by the enemy.
In Titus 2:5, older women were to encourage the younger women to love their husband and children and to be keepers of the home that the word of God might not be blasphemed. Why? Because they were not doing what Paul was trying to do, lead them back to God’s design. It is when we as a society have rejected His plan that our plan will be in the opposite direction and will lead to disaster.
Rev. Anthony Martin ~